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Social Isolation Making you Sad and Lonely?

Reach out and Connect


In the spirit of an abundance of caution concerning COVID-19, we are suspending our meetings for meditation. It was very hard to decide to keep our doors closed and cancel everything that would normally bring us together with friends, but when I read an article from Richie Davidson, from the Center for Healthy Mind, I knew we need to isolate ourselves. Here's the point that got my attention:

One thing that strikes me as notable is that we are being asked to practice “social distancing” - to stay home and cancel everything. This is a compelling opportunity to recognize that in addition to minimizing the likelihood of exposure ourselves, social distancing is also an act of generosity and compassion toward others by eliminating our interactions as a possible vector for viral transmission. Let that sink in – the primary motivation for social distancing is to benefit others.

Here's a link to the rest of the article on social isolation as compassionate action.

Deepening Qigong

3rd Saturday

Every Month

Saturday 9:00 PM until 1:00 PM

Now Online using Zoom

Sitting Meditation

QiGong Instruction

Cost: $50

No one turned away for lack of funds

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Portland Insight Meditation Community

6536 SE Duke St.

Portland, OR 97206

Mindfulness Practice

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Monday Eves. 7:00 PM

Reading Group

A Gradual Awakening

Slow down and just sit mindfully

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Meditation Class

Wednesday Evenings

Now Online

7:00 PM

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Tai Chi Instruction

New for 2021

Tai Chi for Better Balance

Family Martial Arts

8618 SW Hall Blvd

Beaverton, Oregon 97008

By appointment

On Barnes Road @ Cedar Hills

in Beaverton

Mon / Wed / Fri 9am

24 Step Yang Style

Tai Chi for Better Balance

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Embodied Mindfulness Practice

      What does it mean to to be a Mindfulness Coach? It means sharing the practice of mindful movement and mindful stillness. It means cultivating a warm inner awareness that enriches all aspects of life. It means linking meditation practice with mindfulness in daily life. It means embracing a balanced and harmonic movement practice. My overall goal is to share what I have learned about embodying physical awareness, calming the emotions, and resting in Awareness.

      The science of mindfulness can be taught. We can learn to stay present in all our experience with an open heart. Mindfulness training includes several key points: establishing a regular practice routines, examining our assumptions about the realms of the brain, the body and the mind, learning to bring an insightful point of view into the workings of the mind and the body

      Even more important is sustaining a practice with consistency of intention and rhythm. A mentor can be a helpful guide in establishing sustained presence and open heartedness.

How do we learn to integrate mind and body?

How do we rest in the body? In the mind?

How do we cultivate a plastic, resilient brain? 

      Some of us have been working with these questions for a long time. We learn by working together, and we can point the way for others who are drawn in the same directions. As current brain research opens new horizons and new fields of inquiry, the practice of mindfulness can support an integrated approach to all these questions.

Contact Information

Jim Dalton

9240 SW Wilshire St.

Portland, OR 97225


Wisdom of the Masters

This is how a human being can change.

There is a worm

addicted to eating grape leaves.

Suddenly, he wakes up,

call it grace, whatever, something

wakes him, and he is no longer a worm.

He is the entire vineyard,

and the orchard too, the fruit, the trunks,

a growing wisdom and joy

that does not need to devour.

“When people see some things as beautiful,

other things become ugly.

When people see some things as good,

other things become bad.” 

“Shape clay into a vessel;

It is the space within that makes it useful.

Cut doors and windows for a room;

It is the holes which make it useful.

Therefore benefit comes from what is there;

Usefulness from what is not there.” 

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